The Pssst! Tab

I found this Pssst! tab in the Options menu pop up of some of our new office software (with Service Pack 4.1). That “Fix all PC problems” checkbox works like a charm. A few other settings are particularly tempting.  These tools are usually reserved for system administrators only, so it was probably distributed to a wider audience by mistake.  Oh well.

I made a short tutorial screencast for our staff but wanted to share at least this image with all of you.

2 Responses to The Pssst! Tab

  1. waltcrawford says:

    Dammit, Steve, now the Psst! servers will be overloaded. There’s a reason that SP4.1 for Office2008 has had limited distribution…

  2. Steve Campion says:

    I know, Walt, I know. In the screencast I suggested everyone contact IT if they don’t yet have SP 4.1. That was a mistake, too. Talk about overload!

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