Buzzword: Web-based word processing

I’m jazzed about Buzzword, a new web-based word processor created by Virtual Ubiquity and now under Adobe management. It’s easy to learn and easy to use. After a simple sign-up process* I was up and running.

The screen is attractive and the tools are largely intuitive. In fact, the toolbars appear better organized than those I’ve seen in many PC-based word processor programs. So far I’ve found every tool I’ve needed or gone looking for: margins, tables, spell-check, text/background colors, images, headers/footers, etc. It even has an always-visible word count and a page-numbered scroll bar.

A comment feature allows meta info and the collaboration possibilities** seem at least as good as Google Docs. I’ll have to experiment more to be sure. I can save my documents as an online Buzzword file, plain text, rich text format, or Word document, and then access my files from anywhere. (Don’t you just love the convenience of online storage?!)

Downsides? Despite Adobe’s involvement with Buzzword, there’s no PDF format yet. And there’s an occasional delay in the typing-response time, but it’s not bad for an on-line application. Not bad at all. It’s just a teensy bit jittery. That might change depending on your machine and browser; I’ve only tried it on two of each so far and noticed a difference.

If you try Buzzword, please let me know what you think.

* Name, email, and password; it couldn’t be much simpler.
** Why email copies to several people when you can share a single document online?

5 Responses to Buzzword: Web-based word processing

  1. Marie says:

    I’ve been using Zoho Writer for online collaboration, but after a quick look at this and creating a document, I’m going to give Buzzword a serious trial run. It is quite easy to use, and on my PC (WinXP Home with FireFox), the response time was just as fast as my MS Word app. And it looks very nice–I’m a sucker for a smooth, simple interface. Thanks for pointing this out!

  2. kitt16201 says:

    Love the interface. It is so easy to use. I am giving it a trial run myself. This would be great alternative for libraries that do not have the money to purchase word processing programs for their computers.

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  4. Steve Campion says:

    Good to hear about the response time you had. The best combination I’ve had so far is the same as you: WinXP & Firefox on my laptop. The interface is slick, isn’t it?

    Absolutely! Libraries with strained budgets wouldn’t need to fret over licenses for every machine. Nor would your IT Dept. spend time installing or upgrading the software. When a new version appears, upgrading everyone is automatic and immediate.

  5. Alex says:

    Hrm. That’s a pretty slick-looking interface, at least from the screenshot. And having on-line storage for collaborative docs is a pretty neat thing. Of course, it would be ncie if something like this were available for usage without needing a sign-up and password. I’m not a techno-Luddite, but I really hate having to sign up for something before I can see how it works. If I don’t like it, then I’ll wonder whether I actually got rid of all my PII when I deleted my account, or whether I’ll get plenty of “come back to us, please!” e-mail from the service I quit.

    It’s part of the reason I’m not on Facebook, and not using as many of the great on-line tools that I’m sure are out there. Making me sign up just to see what’s inside is not the kind of model I’m really confident in.

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