Today’s front page

Curious what’s on the front page today? There’s a website that delivers the front pages of 600+ newspapers from all over the world with a mouseover. Simply run your mouse over a city dot on the Newseum map and you’ll see today’s front page of that city’s local paper in full color. Click the city dot and the front page becomes readable. It’s pretty slick.

How will this impact all those newspaper resources we subscribe to at the library? This provides only the front page, of course, but with the extremely easy browsing map interface and the typical availability of a newspaper’s website for complete articles, will it satisfice our patrons?

4 Responses to Today’s front page

  1. LibraryPete says:

    That IS slick. They put the newspapers’ weblinks right on the page too.

    Question: What does “satisfice” mean?

  2. Steve Campion says:

    Satisfice is a cross between satisfy and suffice. Herbert Simon coined it to describe a situation that isn’t perfect but is “good enough”. The real world isn’t perfect, so when people make choices toward realistic (rather than ideal) goals, they are satisficing. The end results aren’t ideal, but at least they’re achievable.

    Check out Wikipedia’s “satisficing” article. I know Wikipedia isn’t the perfect authority on words, but I think it will satisfice in this instance.

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  4. Jill says:

    Steve this is pretty cool. I’ll be using this one to help me keep track of the front page news where my family lives as well as keeping up with my favorite sports team. Their performance is front page news with pictures and hyperlinks for three of the papers offered. (Okay – 4 of the papers, but one is in Spanish)

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