The Major-General sings Library 2.0

To the tune of “The Major-General’s Song”
With apologies to Gilbert & Sullivan… and you… :)

I advocate creation of a social network library,
Dispense with thoughts a-plenty in my blog much like a diary,
And show how common MySpace is, it dominates the territ’ry
‘Cuz people like to share their lives; it’s really quite extraordin’ry.

I upload pix of our events on a communal Flickr page,
And make it easy to YouTube; that latest clip is all the rage.
Encourage interaction for our young and old of any age,
Makes working here as fun as anything they do at Cam-ba-ridge.

I recommend Delicious, Facebook, wikis, Ning, and R-S-S,
Use tag clouds, gaming, apps and widgets, and I twitter to excess.
It matters that our patrons are involved with our transparency.
I advocate creation of a social network library.

4 Responses to The Major-General sings Library 2.0

  1. agrilibrarian says:

    Oh, that’s great. Can’t you just picture a 2.0 audience interacting with the Major-Genral while he’s singing this? Suggesting new words to rhyme in the next few verses!

  2. Pete D says:

    So when will you post the video? And will you or Libraryman perform this at ALA Midwinter? This is great!

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