A few thoughts before class

I’m heading off to a social web class (my favorite to teach) but have a half dozen things rattling around in my head.  Just a few to share:

  • I began reading the latest OCLC report last night and think it’s going to be interesting. It seems the Internet has become much more interactive (no surprise there!) but many (probably most) libraries haven’t quite caught on. My hunch is that some libraries may think they understand the new social networking environment that’s taking the world by storm but really don’t know the half of it. I’ll write a more complete post when I’m finished reading it. In the meantime, read the Free Range Librarian’s take on it.
  • David Lee King’s enthusiam should not be missed. Check out his “Social Digital Global Shift” video.
  • I’ll be starting an on-line series of introductions to the sites and tools of the social web next week. As a trainer, I’ve been excited to share this new world with our staff. Over the next few months, I hope this new series might be a resource to staff in other libraries interested in self-paced discovery. More on that tomorrow….
  • And lastly, to all of you going to next week’s Internet Librarian conference: Have fun. I wish I could join you. The program has an all-star line-up and there’s so much to be excited about right now. Bloggers: tell us everything. Flickr friends: take lots of pictures.

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